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Fine Art
University Project

This Fine Art module of my undergraduate degree, consolidated my passion for monoprint illustration. 


I created a plethora of portraits ranging from sized A4 to life sized figures. Opposite are a mixture of my favourites and some I wasn't as pleased with, but shows the variety of colours, and markings.


The monoprint techniques allowed me to create delicacy and roughness simultaneously in my portraits


Each portrait was unique in its markings, 

that's the beauty of it, and why I love it. 

I could create a controlled portrait on one side, and uncontrolled one on the other side. This excited me greatly, as sometimes I didn't know what I was going to produce.

Overtime, I learnt how to control and manipulate the portrait exactly how I wanted it to be, using various coloured inks, and applying specific pressure and amount of ink, to create the portrait that I wanted.

Each portrait was illustrated in a way that represented the feelings and emotions of the sitter. The portraits were of old photos of peoples ancestors and family I collected.


I brought their lifeless and enigmatic expressions alive with the colour of the ink. 

1 x_edited.png
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