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Record Sleeve


I was commissioned by the band Shop Front Heroes to illustrate and design a complete record sleeve; front, back, inner and vinyl sticker, for their debut album SuperPowers.


I used biro pen and monoprint illustration, which I then refined digitally. This style and technique of illustration was a development from the work I was creating throughout university. 

I especially loved this commission project during my year of freelance work, as it linked directly back to my dissertation which explored the importance of the record sleeve to music, and the connection between music and art. This project gave me the opportunity to expand on this, fuelling my passion of music inspiring my illustrations out of commissioned work also. 

Opposite: original monoprint illustration for cover, which I then developed and refined digitally.


I fell in love with this process throughout my degree and intend to continue experimenting with. 

Therefore, I chose to illustrate the cover in monoprint, as I could create intricate detail whilst leaving a rough effect of the ink, which I believe reflected the bands rough yet emotional sound. 

Opposite: at the beginning of the commission, I had many meetings with the band discussing the themes, imagery and messages they wanted to convey. During this process I sketched many different  concepts and versions of the cover, that accommodated to desires. 

The process of sketching, testing and experimenting various, techniques and styles, lead me to the final design of the cover. 

1 x_edited.png
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