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I began freelancing alongside my part-time café job after graduation. During this year I took on multiple commissions. Two of them designing a logo for a small independent business. 

Opposite: the first logo I designed and illustrated for a new small beauty company named The Lavender Room.

I used my usual form of illustration of pen for this, with further digital refinement

Opposite: is an ongoing project designing and illustrating the logo and branding for a new small independent company named Swansea Timber & Damp Surveys.

I am currently in the process of mocking up a variety of logo options for them, which I will then refine and decide which is most complimentary of their company and website. 

I am enjoying this more directed and structured form of illustration, as well as the free illustration projects I do for fun. It gives me variety, and broadens my illustration skills. 

Additionally it gives me the opportunity to improve my digital skills, as I consider myself as predominantly a traditional artist/ illustrator. 

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