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During my undergraduate degree. As part of the Graphic Design practise, we had to complete an Illustration module. This project was one of my personal favourites. We were assigned a generic short story written by Donald Barthelemy, that had a generic plot of a Expedition, and we had complete freedom to illustrate this text. 

I have a personal connection to this project, and to the geese characters that I illustrated. I live near a beautiful large pond in mid Wales, that is home to Canadian migrating geese every year. It is always a wonderful sight watching them fly in their triangle formations to and from the lake. Whenever my father and I would watch them, we would mimic the geese pretending they were fighter pilots in the army in their formation. This sparked my idea for this project and I couldn't imagine illustrating anything but geese.  The illustrations took shape of an World War two expedition to the main base camp, from Canada to Britain.   

Once I'd established this idea, I had a lot of fun experimenting with illustrating the characters and the scenes, as you can see below.  I call them The War Geese. 

I illustrated the whole story using pen similarly to my fine art practise, as I feel very comfortable using pen.

I loved the authenticity and traditional aspect of pen and ink. It gave it an old fashioned, and old story book feel, similar to illustrations in the 1940s. I wanted the illustrations to remain delicate and mostly monochrome, so I used light washed of watercolour to add some distinction. 

I had the most fun on this project, as we had complete creative freedom, and was very different to the other projects I worked throughout my degree. 

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